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Patti’s Closet provides new and used clothing (at no charge) to low-income, at-risk families with small children.


This ministry address a lack of resources for the needs of infants and toddlers in our community.  Clothing banks have mostly adult clothing, and since children outgrow their clothing very rapidly during the first two or three years, the need is great.

  • Patti’s Closet is unique to our community, as currently there are no clothing banks for infant and toddler clothing.  Families should be able to have the basic baby necessities without having to forgo other necessities such as rent or utilities.
  • Patti’s Closet partners with other local churches and synagogues for donations and referrals for our community’s at-risk children.
  • Families are referred to us by Non-Profit agencies and Faith Communities who are already working with these families.
  • Patti’s Closet is strictly funded with donations from our church members and the local community.
  • A referral from a social service agency or Faith Community is required for parents or custodial grandparents to access Patti’s Closet.  

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